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How to Apply for New Ration Card Online in Tamilnadu ( Family Card ) – TNPDS

Now people in Tamilnadu can apply for new ration card ( family card ) online with TNPDS.com,We provide complete details on how to apply, eligibility criteria, documents needed, all such informations has been updated .

So you want to know how to get new family card online , follow the instructions given on the official site of TN Pubilc Distribution System ( TNPDS ) .

In current practice one has to visit taluk office and apply , wait for 60 days to get the tamilnadu family card but now it’s going to be completely changed.

Tamilnadu Govt to start issuing ration card or family card starting from this Diwali onwards .

Eligibility Criteria and Procedure to Apply for New Ration Card :

Who are eligible to apply for new and separate family card ( ration ) , is there any prescribed format, whom should be the application be sent , what are the documents needed to attached with the application form, what is the procedure for processing my ration card , will the able to check status / result of ration card application after sent ?

Know complete detailsClick here

Procedure to Apply for New Ration Card Online in Tamilnadu :

  1. To apply for the New Ration card, click “Apply New Card” Button :Click Hereapply for ration card online,tamilnadu,how to apply for family card online,tnpds
  2. Enter Applicant Name, Father / Husband name and address details like Door No., House / Apartment Name, Street Name etc in either English or Tamil Language
  3. Select your District, Taluk and Village Names from respective dropdown listsapply for ration card online,tamilnadu,how to apply for family card online,tnpds,tnpds.com
  4. Enter the details of the Family Head and the Family Members, by clicking“Add Member” Button in the Details of the Family Members Sectionapply for ration card online,tamilnadu,how to apply for family card online,tnpds
  5. The details about the Family Head are to be filled first.
  6. Enter the following details for each of the Family Members
    • Name in English or Tamil – Mandatory
    • Date of Birth – Mandatory
    • Gender – Mandatory
    • Nationality – Mandatory
    • Relation – Mandatory
    • Profession – optional
    • Monthly Income – Mandatory
    • Election ID Card Number – optional
    • Aadhaar Number – Mandatory
  7. Select the Type of Card (No Commodity Card (N), Rice Card, Sugar Card, Police Card)
  8. To upload the Proof of Residence, select the “Browse” Button in the Proof of Residence Section and select the document name from the appropriate folder in the System and then click “Upload” Button in the Proof of residence Section.
  1. Select any one document for Proof of residence (Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Voter Identity Card, Front page of pass book, Property Tax in case of own house, Slum clearance board allotment order)
  2. The Uploaded document format should be in png, gif, jpeg and should not exceed 2 MB
  3. If there is a Gas Connection, click Gas Connection Section
  4. Enter the following Gas connection details:
    • Select the Name of the person in whose name connection is registered
    • Select the Name of the Oil Company
    • Enter the LPG Number
    • Enter the Name of the Gas Agency
    • Select the Number of Cylinders

    Note: If the Applicant has Second Gas Connection, Enter the details in the CONNECTION 2 Section.

  5. To Acknowledge entered details, click in the Certificate Section
  6. To submit the entered values, click Submit button in the Application Form .
  7. After Submitting the Application you will receive a Reference Number

Once you click “ Submit ” , you will receive REFERENCE Number to your Registered Mobile Number as well as the email id .

You may then use it to Check Status of your family card online .

Application for Family Card Online in Tamilnadu :

  • Visit Official Website : www.tnpds.com

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If you’ve any issues or face any problem in applying for new ration card online?

Post your comments on our Tamilnadu ration card apply online 2017 page, we’ll try to revert as soon as possible.


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  3. the site is not working and neither people are working from erode taluk office, After Amma is gone , feeling pity on tamil nadu and its government working has just become uneasy and ridiculious, Hope Amma send someone to save Tamil nadu from its future,we miss you Amma

  4. I am living in Chennai. My parents are in village. I have not added my name in village ration card. Now Can I apply new card in chennai. I may be buying a house very soon.

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